New EP Rise and Fall
Live video ‘Things’ with Diederik Nomden
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Upcoming gigs

17-02-2019 8pm       – Winkelwagenshow Radio, Rotterdam

18-02-2019 8pm       – Meerradio, Hoofddorp

03-03-20194pm      – Roots of the Dam

21-03-2019 8-10pm –Alternative FM

11-07-2019                – FAC Eulalie du Lac, France

20-07-2019               – Taribush Kuna Festival


About Tobias

Tobias Bader is a musician inspired by the music of the sixties and seventies: Neil Young, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Fleetwood Mac, JJ Cale. His catchy, melodic and characteristic songs stick in your head. He performs as a singer-songwriter alone or accompanied by Ute Apfelstedt, or with his band Cosmic Circus.

What others say about Tobias

‘Authentic, with a beautiful voice from the times we were still playing LP records’

‘Dark, quiet but raw, loving’

‘Colorful person’


+31-6-5329 0613

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