Tobias Bader signed with To Be Frank Records!
EP Release party Cosmic Circus ‘Central Galactic Time’ 2 November 2019!
Live video ‘Things’ with Diederik Nomden


From the album ‘Lost On A Star’ [2021]:

Lost On A Star (T. bader / U. Apfelstedt)
Video Town (T. bader / D. Nomden)


From the EP ‘Rise And Fall’ [2019]:

Fly   (T. bader / D. Sinnige)
Freeway to your Heart   (T. bader / D. Sinnige)

Tobias on YouTube


Order a hardcopy on CD of ‘Speed Of Light’, ‘Rise And Fall’ and/or ‘Central Galactic Time’.
Prices: € 7 per CD, buy 2 CD’s for € 12 (plus shipping costs).

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About Tobias

Tobias Bader is a musician inspired by the music of the sixties and seventies: Neil Young, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Fleetwood Mac, JJ Cale. His catchy, melodic and characteristic songs stick in your head. He performs as a singer-songwriter alone or accompanied by Ute Apfelstedt, or with his band Cosmic Circus.

What others say about Tobias


‘That track makes Tobias Bader sound like Neil Young has come to the set of “Into The Wild” and has taken over from Eddie Vedder. His voice is also reminiscent of the young Bob Dylan, something that also becomes evident in the opening track “Fly”. ‘  (White Room Reviews)

‘His music breathes the sixties and seventies … Right from the very strong up-tempo opener Fly, Bader captivates the listener …. The excellent repertoire on Rise and Fall hovers somewhere between folk, vintage pop and roots. ‘   (It’s a Hell of a Heaven)

‘Sometimes you hear from the very first notes of a song that it’s just right … this is a classical example of craftsmanship which Bader manages to deliver, founded on “embracing the beauty of natural imperfection” … tasteful and colorful.’ (Altcountryforum)

‘With these six songs he immediately classifies himself amongst the big boys … folk, pop and roots music … apparently Tobias Bader masters it all!’ (CD Review Blog)

‘The debut EP of Tobias Bader contains 6 beautiful songs, it varies in style, but is mainly intimate and melancholy.’ (M podia)

Tobias Bader is selected for ‘best EP of 2019!’ (In de ban van)

‘Authentic, with a beautiful voice from the times we were still playing LP records’, 

Dark, quiet but raw, loving’,  ‘Colorful person’





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